Five Tips to Make the Most of Facebook News Feed

Will right-rail advertisements run by Facebook vanish in the year 2014? Although it might be too early to say this as all these ads do wonders for many advertisers, thus generating hefty revenue for Facebook. However, there is no denying in the fact that a new era of advertising and News Feed is soon to start.

Given below are the five tips that can help you in making the most of Facebook News Feeds ads.

Opt for Half and Half

Allocate half of your Facebook advertisement budget to placement of News Feed. News Feeds not only help in enhancing performance but also has several other advantages including better mobile reach.  News Feeds are the only type of advertisements that appear on mobile devices. As expected, this percentage will increase to 50 percent with more and more people using smartphones.

Creative rotation is the way to go

Smart and creative Facebook marketers utilize ingenious rotations within the News Feed for managing the frequency of advertisements and to maintain impression volumes and click-through rates. Although refreshing campaigns manually can boost performance, it is difficult to manage scale records of several campaigns. Facebook advertisers who are considering growing programs and thus spreading word about business should make use of a Facebook management platform.

Choose the right format for page post

If the aim of your campaign is to enhance brand engagement then a Page Post Photo ad is what you need. If the objective of the campaign is to enhance sales or conversion then Page post link ad is the way to go.

As per Marin Data, Page post link advertisements have slightly higher rate of conversion up to 30 percent in compared to Page post photo ads. However, Page post photo advertisements have 23 percent high click rate in comparison to page post link ads.

Allocate Mobile Ads

One of the best ways to enhance News Feed is to divide it into mobile and desktop campaigns rather than creating one campaign for both forms. According to Marin data, number of advertisers relying upon mobile campaigns has increased in the last few years. Mobile News Feeds do better than desktop advertisements by great margins. In addition, click through rates are also higher on mobile. Also, cost involved in running mobile ad campaign is relatively low. It is because of these two diverse performances and cost parameters between mobile and desktop News Feed advertisements, it is all the more important to manage both separately.

Go Global

Your highest return on investment with Facebook can actually be from outside U.S. In most of the cases, marketers focus spending their advertisement revenue to reach out to North American audiences however opportunity lies for international brands in connecting with ever increasing user base.


There are no doubts in the fact that with Facebook, the concept of advertisement has changed completely. Addictive and engaging format of Facebook News Feed is not to be missed out if you want to make the most of your online business. 

Understanding Spam Link Building Tactics

Those who are associated with the world of SEO might be well aware of the fact that link builders have a reputation for creating links with an objective to manipulate search engines. The primary objective is to scale the process as much as it is possible. Google has been evolving for last many years however it did not have any kind of enforcement for breaking or bending Webmaster Guidelines. All that it was doing was punishing the offenders. The only fact is that mass link building did wonders. However, algorithms of Google are much better when it comes to finding link spam. According to Dan Petrovik, they’re not great, but good enough.

However, as far as link building is considered, it is not about the tactics that are untouchable but the application of those tactics. Here are five examples that explain “spam link building tactics”, done right.

•    Guest Posting
•    Blog Comments
•    Directories
•    Reciprocal Linking
•    Press Releases

It is quite obvious that none of the above slated should be used for scaling a link building campaign. All these are valuable tools within an intelligently and naturally done link building. The only objective is to enhance online visibility and create an expanded back link profile.

Guest Posting

The concept of guest blogging is more than an SEO tactic. It plays many roles such as authorship, marketing, speech and business.  There is a different between quality guest posting and spam guest blogging. No matter what, Google is not going to ignore quality of content simply because it is coming from a guest contributor. 

Blog Comments

If you have an impression of a blog hates blog comment then what else can be a better example of low-quality link building in comparison to the spam comments? Without any doubt, the time is not good for the SEO industry. Although it was considered a natural concept – leaving a comment on your blog will link you to the website showing where you are coming from and who you are. However, we ended up doing making our lives easier and boost link building technique for maximizing ease as well as efficiency. And, the result is the mess today.


Directories came into existence before search engines and were the only way to find trusted websites and relevant information. When directories were created only for link farms with paid inclusions, there was lack of relevance. Anyone can joint these by simply making a payment. It was no longer that tactics started appearing as a way to manipulate search engines.  Local directories and niche specific directories are the two ways of pursuing directories.

Reciprocal Linking

It is another most common example of a natural procedure that is scaled as a link building technique until it stopped making sense. Earlier, the concept was based on creating a partnership with some other website. In this case, both sites benefitted from mutual linking. However, it was scaling that ruined the perfect way of linking. What became the norm was spamming pages with hundreds of links to artificially boost the ranking.

Press Releases

Creating press release for linking – was it a good idea? No, as it is considered as an idea to manipulative practice with the sole objective being to manipulate ranking. This is something that Google wants to lessen if not absolutely punish. Then is it possible to publish press relapse with links? Here is the common opinion.

Links that are coming from sites exclusively dealing with Press Release publishing are likely to be ignored by Google. If they are obvious signs of manipulative tactics in press release then it will be punished. Press releases that are written for the purpose of publicity will gain foothold.

Summary – If you are associated with the virtual world of the internet then you must know about Spam Link Building tactics can help you make the right decision in promoting online venture.

Matt Cutts: Write Strong and Comprehensible Content

As a Webmaster, it's perpetually trained into us that quality content is vital as a part of SEO tactic. However once it involves a lot of technical content, however must you handle it?

Should your content be double-geared toward a better, a lot of specialized reading level, or ought to or not it's written in such the way that novices on the subject will understand? This is often the subject of the newest webmaster facilitate video that includes Google's Matt Cutts.

Many webmasters are hyper analyzing their content of late to make sure that but they gift the content and readiness goes to rank the simplest in Google. however are you able to notice this balance between super technical writing and writing geared toward the final public who is interested in the topic.

Cutts began by sharing what's seemingly a well-recognized situation for several. You finish up at Wikipedia making an attempt to search out background data on a subject, however it's either approach too technical or just not graspable.

"So you see this type of revival of individuals interest in things like 'explain it to me like i am a 5-year-old'," Cutts: "You do not have to dumb it down that a lot of. however if you are fallible on the aspect of clarity, and on the aspect of one thing that is planning to be graspable, you will be in far better form as a result of regular folks will compass, and then ... feel free to combine the scientific terms or the business jargon, the lingo, or no matter it's."

It appears Cutts believes you ought to try to strike the proper balance between technical writing whereas still guaranteeing that the typical person will realize it.

"You ought to notice a way to tug folks in, to induce them interested, to induce them enticed to undertake to choose up no matter idea it's you wish to clarify," Cutts: "So i might argue, 1st and foremost, you would like to clarify it well, then if you'll be able to manage to try and do that whereas talking concerning the science or being scientific, that is nice."

Cutts same that however you justify a subject usually matters nearly the maximum amount as what you are really voice communication.

What concerning if your audience may be a cluster of individuals that are business professionals or have constant sites reference you? You do not essentially need to alienate that audience as a result of you dumb it down an excessive amount of for the final public.

But on the opposite hand, you wish your content to be approachable by the plenty, as a result of that opens you to a way wider audience than the smaller cluster of technical folks you would possibly presently target.

Occasionally it's concerning finding a balance or writing for two totally changed viewers with different content for every.

How to build Links in 2014 for Your Brand & Reputation

You might doubt if link building is prohibited now. Yes or No?  See "yes" and "no" of link building to go and help make some sense of what it is that you can do or not.

Risks of Link Building:

There are many types of link building that Google is trying to destroy off, but there are some clues in Cutts' language as to what they all are still think of as it’s fine. So let's make some logic of this.
First, let's start talk about how to get injured by link building:

Algorithmic Detection: There are several things Google can't simply algorithmically notice. Unless you are far out there, this is not a key source of exposure, but you can't markdown it.

You Get Reported to Search Engines: Someone might report you to Google, and then, they can take action on it. After doing, all of these parts will rapidly get exposed. In little, cross one of lines and a manual review will torch you.

There is an exact important minor algorithmic risk.

Suppose that you do a lot of effort to grow links by only one specific method. Say that Google checks a fresh algorithm, and they watch that devaluing all the sites that use this method to increase their search results without producing any important false positives.

This is accurately how Google’s all update works. They all are important algorithms that better Google's search results, but it also began lots of innocent businesses to suffer. This is not because the Google employees are bad; they just want to make their products better.

Building Links the Correct Way:

If you want to focus on link building for link building's sake, then you must to see all words over from Cutts on link building in my 2012 talk here is: "It sections you into a mindset, and persons get motivated on the bad things". OK, let's become to the work on the mission of success our heads in the exact spot.

Cutts is not saying you cannot promote your website. He already knows that you need to do promotion. Here we are talking about methods to approach link building in point.
Link Building is Not Illegal.

Blueprint for content marketing. Mostly, it rests out the works of how to create good content on and off your site, sponsor it with popular social media sites, press releases, and other strategies to create a ultimate brand online.

Universally you go online building your product and status should be the objective. If you strictly abide by this one value, you would be in good profile, and you will possibly be receiving links that Google wishes to value.

Create a Prioritized SEO Action graph

If you want to expand your business into new and unfamiliar with international markets in 2014 once you've got tested the water and located that there's real potential out there, launching a polyglot version of your web site is that the next step. It’s all well and smart merely translating your web-based content to charm to shoppers overseas however you’ll have to be compelled to have some form of strategy in situ that’s attending to get them visiting your web site within the initial place. It’s a replacement year thus let’s create a replacement begin, and arrange ahead!

Having a sensible and possible international SEO strategy is significant so as to reap the rewards of your business’s world enlargement. It’s vital to prioritize your desirables and break these down into manageable chunks that you'll be able to implement throughout the year. Ultimately, it’s all regarding being economical and effective while keeping prices down. a good place to start out is thru SEO-Localisation.

SEO-Localisation, or SEO friendly translation as it’s conjointly illustrious, is certainly one methodology to contemplate once developing your international web site. This methodology sees the combined processes of organic SEO and web page translation, to supply totally localised websites that are SEO friendly and prepared for launch.

SEO and translation are like oil and water; they operate in utterly other ways and, just like the aforesaid analogy, ne'er very combine. It takes the correct combination of the 2 to end in triple-crown SEO-Localisation, and here I’ll define 5 advantages of creating use of SEO friendly translation.

1. Time & value Effective

SEO-Localisation is associate degree economical and efficient methodology of at the same time translating and optimising your web site to extend your international reach. By combining the 2 aspects the method are less long which means you'll be able to pay longer, and doubtless additional budget, on alternative aspects of your promoting strategy like PPC, link building or social media.
Of course SEO-Localisation is that the ideal resolution for utterly new polyglot versions of your web site wherever you're beginning with a blank canvas, or adding new pages. It’s vital that you just conjointly take into account the technical facet of SEO that Lizzie made public in her most up-to-date post found here.

2. A native look, for native people

When launching an internet site in an exceedingly new international advertise is crucial that your company seems native. an honest quality translation on its own can do very little to attract the correct guests to your site; but there are a range of various ways that to assist towards this. The addition of SEO practices into the equation can modify the relevant search engines to choose up your web site through use of applicable keywords etc., ultimately directional shoppers in your target market towards your complete.

3. Simpler

Traditionally, international SEO processes are conducted and applied to a antecedent translated web site, or later down the road to extend the website’s visibility. this may really be slightly additional sophisticated than the combined work flow of SEO-Localisation, as a body content review needs to be disbursed on the pre-translated pages. This suggests that keywords ought to be fastidiously placed inside the prevailing translation while guaranteeing that the text still reads naturally within the target language. In some cases this may be an advanced manner of doing things and will take time to implement with success.

If you are doing not have the in-house resources to manage this yourself you will ought to source this acquisition additional value. Changes ought to be created to the particular written content of your web site so as to accommodate your chosen keywords which is able to be a fragile and doubtless long method which might be avoided through the employment of SEO friendly translation.

4. Probably Higher Rankings

If you've got a triple-crown SEO strategy in situ in your home market you'll look to duplicate this on a global scale. However, bear in mind that though you'll have found nice keywords that assist you to rank extremely in your home country, it’s ne'er an honest plan to easily translate keywords because the same which means might not encounter in your target language.
You can invariably use your existing keywords as inspiration for your polyglot analysis, which could be of profit as sure keywords might have less competition in your target country, yielding higher rankings overall. Take the examples below that show the degree of competition for the keyword phrase “Website Translation” in GB English and also the equivalent phrase in French, German and Spanish.

5. Traffic & Rankings

In the long-standing time the SEO-Localisation method can offer you with a ready-to-go web site facultative you to follow and assess the ranking of your web site, and your click-through and conversion rates from the word go.
Once you've got your totally translated and optimised website you wish to create positive that you just actively promote your site through ways like link building, social media and blogs. this can increase your visibility and exposure serving to extend traffic and rankings within the long-standing time. creating the simplest use of those sorts of approaches, aboard SEO-Localisation, are a good thanks to begin going regarding your world takeover in 2014!